Customer promise

INTEGRITY − Transparency and ethical conduct at all times.

CLIENT FOCUS − Results are our only measure of success. It all starts with listening carefully to — and understanding — the real needs of our customers and ends with an agile approach to execution.

EXCELLENCE − We rely on the best business practices, robust quality management and a high level of expertise in communications.

PASSION − Passion is what drives us to go the extra mile for our clients and take on new challenges. We believe that Primacom exists because of, and for, our clients – this is why we are committed to service excellence.

CREATIVITY = VALUE CREATION − Creativity is the source of any innovation that shapes the reputation of a company. Innovation is also at the heart of competitive strategy — and what makes us stand out in everything we do.

SIMPLICITY − Simplicity inspires the effective solutions we develop for our clients.

SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY − Primacom takes pride in helping change the world for the better. We support, both financially and through volunteer work, a cause that is close to our heart: Fondation maman Dion, which helps reduce the number of young people dropping out of schools.

Our clients

Primacom is proud to contribute to the success of its clients in the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and high-technology industries
  • Finances
  • Natural resources
  • Food industry and retail
  • Health, education, social and community